Women and Movement: African American Women Affecting the Arts in New Orleans

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Collection of video panels from Women and Movement: African American Women Affecting the Arts in New Orleans.

Women and Movement is designed to collectively engage women scholars and artists from across the gulf south region to take part in discourse about place, performance and the social-political issues that transform their bodies, art, language, and greater community. The goal of the series is to create dialogue around the importance of place and community in the performative and socio-political dimension of their work. The series will provoke a deeper understanding of how place informs culture, activism, and community, and what women artists, researchers, and scholars are doing to perpetuate restorative community practices and/or complicate our perceptions of what is possible for women in this region and beyond. Women and movement instigates dialogue that honors gulf south women in the arts and politics and highlights the complexities of place and the region in their work, as well as, the communities of people from which they draw their inspiration.

Women in Movement is sponsored by Music Rising at Tulane, a program of the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South. The Women and Movement series is also supported by Nola4Women, the Newcomb College Institute Skau Art and Music Fund, and the Tulane University School of Liberal Arts.
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