Joseph Merrick Jones Steamboat Photographs

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The Joseph Merrick Jones Steamboat Photographs collection consists of 357 glass plate negatives of Mississippi riverboats, circa 1890 – 1940. The plates were collected by Donald T. Wright, who edited and published the “Waterways Journal” between 1921 and 1965. This collection documents steamboats and other riverboats on the Mississippi River and its major tributaries between roughly 1880 and 1940. These images showcase sternwheelers, sidewheelers, tugboats, packets, showboats, and other types of riverboats during their construction phase, traveling along the Mississippi and other rivers, and being dismantled, as well as river towns, docks, riverboat captains, industry executives, and other people involved with waterways. Many of the images are of riverboats in New Orleans and so include views of the Port of New Orleans and other New Orleans scenes.

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