Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design at Tulane School of Architecture

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Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design at Tulane School of Architecture (formerly Tulane City Center) is nationally renowned for strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations in the Greater New Orleans community to advance high quality Public Interest Designs. Small Center's work is driven by citizen’s ideas and input and involves the faculty and students of the Tulane School of Architecture as well as many departments across Tulane University. The Small Center’s mission has been to educate, advocate and provide design services to New Orleans neighborhoods and non-profit clients who are traditionally severely under-resourced and underserved by the design disciplines. We continue to believe in the public necessity of design and its broad and popular access to all citizens. As a result the work is characterized by deep citizen engagement in the planning and design decisions that will affect their lives.

As the primary venue for outreach projects at the Tulane School of Architecture, the center enjoys a broad range of partnerships with numerous off-campus community-based and civic organizations. Each of these partnerships provides opportunities for faculty and students to engage real issues in real communities and participate in the life of our city.

The items in this collection document each collaborative project between Small Center and the local partner. Each project contains a booklet with designs, plans, drawings, and photographs. Supplemental materials (photographs, documents, videos) related to the projects are also included.
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