A Studio in the Woods

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This is a collection of materials produced by and pertaining to the history of A Studio in the Woods, a program of Tulane's ByWater Institute. Located on 7.66 acres of bottomland hardwood forest on the Mississippi River in New Orleans, A Studio in the Woods is dedicated to forest preservation, science-inspired art education and providing a peaceful retreat for artists and scholars who are interested in tackling the challenging issues of our time with power, resourcefulness and imagination.

In 1969, Lucianne and Joe Carmichael purchased the site and sought to preserve the 7.66 acres of endangered forest for its great value as wetlands and as a powerful source of creative inspiration and education. In 2001, with the encouragement and consultation of artists, environmentalists, and wider community members, A Studio in the Woods was formed.

Since then we have hosted more than a hundred residents including writers, painters, sculptors, theater artists, musicians, composers, dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, photographers, architects, multi-disciplinary/ multi-media artists and scholars. To ensure the preservation of this landscape, the Carmichaels donated the compound to Tulane University in 2004. A Studio in the Woods is housed within the Tulane ByWater Institute, a research department dedicated to advancing applied, interdisciplinary research and community engagement initiatives around coastal resilience and the urban environment. The separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit Friends of A Studio in the Woods provides funding, guidance, and direction for all programming.
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