David S. Light collection of scientific letters


This digitized collection of letters and notes which contains autographs and signatures of renowned scientists and physicians was originally compiled by David S. Light, M.D., alumnus of Tulane University School of Medicine, 1944. Among the autographs in collection are: Claude Bernard, Sir William Bowman, Jean Martin Charcot, Sir Astley Paston Cooper, Marie Sklodowska Curie, Harvey Williams Cushing, Paul Ehrlich, Sigmund Freud, Herman Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz, Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle, Cornielle Jean Francois Heymans, Johannes Muller, Albert Ludwig Siegmund Neisser, Sir James Paget, Louis Pasteur, Johannes Evangelesta Purkinje, William Ramsay, Louis-Antoine Ranvier, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, Friedrich Tiedmann, John Tyndall, Rudolf Ludwig Karl Virchow, William Henry Welsh. The letters and notes are in various languages, largely English, French, German or Czechoslovak and are handwritten or typed on various types of stationery or cards. The donation of the Light collection was accepted by W. D. Postell, Jr, Director of the Rudolph Matas Library in March 1993 with supplementary items added to the collection through 2003.
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