Tulane University Football Programs

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This collection of Tulane University football programs offers a review of Tulane football history, traditions, coaches and players in a picturesque and informative manner. The programs not only give descriptions of the players and coaches, they also present reviews of past games and seasons, and many of them contain news and photographic sections featuring different aspects of campus and collegiate life. Beyond the athletic material, the programs present detailed snapshots of what was popular in the consumer realm, with graphics and advertisements that vary through time. The artwork on many of the Tulane football program covers became iconic, with the "Greenie" character popularized by John Chase in the 1950s and 1960s experiencing a renaissance in 2014 when Yulman Stadium opened on campus with a revitalized Greenie character as the new team mascot.

Digitized programs are presented for most of Tulane’s home games and scattered away games during the years 1919-1970, plus its triumphant game over LSU in 1973. Related to the Tulane University Football Program digital collection are several digitized Green Wave football games from 1935-1973. These are located in the Audiovisuals subcollection of the Tulane University Archives Historical Collection here in the Digital Library.

Physical programs for all of these games plus Tulane’s home games from 1970 through the present day (some scattered program lacking) are held in University Archives Record Group 24 (Department of Intercollegiate Athletics) and are available for viewing by visiting Tulane University Special Collections. Inquiries regarding content in this digital collection should be addressed to specialcollections@tulane.edu.
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