Louisiana Sheet Music

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The Louisiana Sheet Music Collection is comprised of sheet music published in, or with topical relevance to, Louisiana (with an emphasis on New Orleans). Many important local composers are represented, including Basile Bares, Eugene Chassaignac, Edouard Déjan and Louis Moreau Gottschalk as well as several interesting, but lesser known, nineteenth-century composers.

The collection covers 100 years in the history of local publishing (1838-1938) and represents a wide range of styles of popular and vernacular music, including Creole songs, nineteenth-century dance music, Confederate anthems, Mexican and Cuban danzas and danzon, ragtime, blues, and jazz.

‎Content Warning: This collection may contain language, images, and materials that are offensive, outdated, or harmful. See Tulane University Special Collections’ Statement on Harmful and Non-Inclusive Language in Archival Description for more information about our current practices and commitment to inclusive and reparative action in the archives, which includes ongoing efforts to remediate or contextualize ableist, euphemistic, homophobic, racist, sexist and other forms of oppressive language found within our finding aids and collection materials.
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