Newcomb College Scrapbooks


Scrapbooks inhabit an uneasy place in the world of print. Unique artifacts created most often from mass-produced text and images, they often find no comfortable resting place in the private home, the selves of libraries, or the boxes of archives. Digital imaging makes scrapbooks accessible from disparate locations but also provides in many ways an easier way of handling bulky pages filled to the brim with documents.

Newcomb College long preserved some of the scrapbooks of its students in a vault on the historic women's campus. The scrapbooks today form one of the cornerstones to the Newcomb Archives and especially show the trajectories of lives in the period 1900-1945. The women sought to document diverse experiences. While no two albums are alike, the majority of the collection covers topics such as college athletics, plays and films, the city of New Orleans, social life, and academics. In addition, various albums such as that of Mary Jane Conover and Anne Crichton document travel while those of other scrapbook makers preserve memorabilia from summer camps, debutante parties, weddings, and political marches.
Anne Randolph Crichton scrapbook
This travel record of Crichton's 1938 trip to Europe focuses mostly on Paris and Dresden. Affixed to its leaves are postcards and photographs, admission tickets, brochures, and clippings of a variety of sights, including art museums, gardens, and monuments. Crichton's commentary alongside the material may interest travel writers and historians alike. Her visit to Sans Souci is framed in the context of Frederick the Great of Russia's great love of the area. The Dresden of her memory is revisited longingly in her 1968 comments, made long after the destruction of Dresden in World War II. Although the book is brittle, all pages remain intact and have been interleaved with paper with a low acidic base.,
Doris Lurie Chesky scrapbook
Scrapbook contains photos and ephemera. Box also contains: One small evening purse, a photo titled "Reiss," a photo postcard, a smaller photo album: travel and family, a photo with no title: a woman, travel diary (1872), & travel letters.,
Jill Jackson Collection
This collection contains the personal clippings and memorabilia from Jill Jackson's long career as a New Orleans' reporter and entertainer. There are clippings written by and about Jackson, beginning with articles cut and copied from the early 1940s and ending with a memoir draft from 1990. There are also some undated glossy headshots and brief correspondence written in her own hand.,
Lavinia Brock scrapbook
Lota Blythe scrapbook
Scrapbook entitled "The Ideal Scrapbook" contains envelopes, letters, valentines, invitations, playbills, Newcomb memorabilia, love notes, and flowers. Dates 1920 - 1922. Scrapbook entitled "Photo Album" contains numerous newspaper clippings, church bulletins, playbills, letters, envelopes, and other momentos. Dates range mostly in the 1920s, but one item is from 1962. Other items have unknown dates.,
Lydia Elizabeth Frotscher scrapbook
Scrapbook containing photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, certificates, correspondence, writings, and song lyrics associated with Lydia E. Frotshcer's experience as a graduating student at H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College. Frotscher graduated in 1904 with the degree of Master of Arts. Page 314 contains a section entiteld, "Pictures of Sophie Newcomb College, Old and New.",
Mary Irvine 50th Anniversary scrapbook
Mary Ellen Hunter and Wynn Irvine's 50th Wedding Anniversary scrapbook containing photographs, correspondence, greeting cards, and invitations. The Irvine's 50th Anniversary was on December 19, 1981. The scrapbook contains proclamations for Dental Health Day, 1949, and correspondence from Victor H. Schiro, Councilman, to R.W. Irvine in the very front.,
Mary Irvine photographic scrapbook
The photographs of Mary Irvine reflect the lives of two women active in Newcomb College. Mary Irvine, a Newcomb graduate of 1925, kept a scrapbook during and after her student days that contains photographs of May Day 1924, friends, and travels. A few more photographs collected during her 50th reunion in 1975 are located in another scrapbook. The majority of the photographs in this collection were evidently owned by her sister-in-law, Sadie Irvine, a Newcomb faculty member and artist. Included here are two scrapbooks of prints focusing on Sadie's brother and Mary's husband, Wynne Irvine, during his childhood. Other photographs collected by Sadie include photos of herself, her parents and brother, more distant family, and her friends. There are a few photographs of Sadie decorating pottery.,
Mary Jane Conover scrapbook
Scrapbook contains photos and ephemera. Box also contains one small evening purse, A photo titled "Reiss", A photo postcard, A smaller photo album: travel and family, A photo with no title: a woman, A travel diary (1872), & Travel letters.,
Nadine Vorhoff Dramatics Scrap Book
Nadine Vorfhoff's scrapbook containing clippings from newspapers and magazines of actors, musicians, theatrical productions, costumes, and ballet dancers.,
Nadine Vorhoff Economics, Period 6 scrapbook
Nadine Vorhoff's scrapbook for Economics, Period 6. Scrapbook consists of newspaper and magazine clippings of articles, advertisements, and images that illustrate the theme of economics. Examples of checks, bonds, budgets, accounting ledgers, balancing sheets, and profit and loss statements are also included. Vorhoff's scrapbook is separated into five sections: Types of Consumption, The Origin of Wants, Utilities, Periods of Economic Life, and How Land Influences Man.,
Olive Biggar scrapbook
This scarbook contains: a table listing friends’ information, Ladies Home Journal article about Goucher College, letters, report cards, commencement letters, keepsakes, programs, pictures, postcards, ribbons, & school cap.,
Tess Mayer Crager scrapbook