Newcomb College Scrapbooks

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Scrapbooks inhabit an uneasy place in the world of print. Unique artifacts created most often from mass-produced text and images, they often find no comfortable resting place in the private home, the selves of libraries, or the boxes of archives. Digital imaging makes scrapbooks accessible from disparate locations but also provides in many ways an easier way of handling bulky pages filled to the brim with documents.

Newcomb College long preserved some of the scrapbooks of its students in a vault on the historic women's campus. The scrapbooks today form one of the cornerstones to the Newcomb Archives and especially show the trajectories of lives in the period 1900-1945. The women sought to document diverse experiences. While no two albums are alike, the majority of the collection covers topics such as college athletics, plays and films, the city of New Orleans, social life, and academics. In addition, various albums such as that of Mary Jane Conover and Anne Crichton document travel while those of other scrapbook makers preserve memorabilia from summer camps, debutante parties, weddings, and political marches.
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