Louisiana Political Ephemera, 1860-1920

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Ephemera are small printed items such as pamphlets and leaflets. These political flyers, brochures, and campaign cards concern both New Orleans local elections and Louisiana statewide elections. They preserve a wealth of information including names, parties, factions, offices, and dates of elections. They also often include information about a candidate’s family, religion, race, political beliefs, social activities, and businesses.

Political ephemera is therefore a valuable resource for studying not only Louisiana politics but a wide range of subjects, including race relations, Reconstruction, religious prejudice, fraternal organizations, corporate influence, social issues, and more. The online collection ends at 1920; original political flyers from 1860 to the present are available in the Schiro Reading Room.

The Louisiana Research Collection (LaRC) depends on donations to keep its collection current. Please keep any political flyers or mailings you receive and forward them to us. For more information please visit the LaRC website.
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