Newcomb College Photographs


The Newcomb College Photographs consist of images of Newcomb students, classes, sports teams and athletics classes, Washington Avenue and Broadway Street campus buildings, and graduation photographs dating from roughly 1887 to 1930. These images offer a visual history of Newcomb College, its students, campus and programs during the first decades of its existence. As one of the early women's colleges in the United States, Newcomb College became known for its art department, producing some of the finest pottery and metalwork of the time. Newcomb was also known for its rigorous athletics program and the Newcomb basketball team was one of the first women's teams to compete regionally. The images in this collection portray Newcomb College's many early endeavors, its campuses, and the women who made up its student body.


Newcomb College Estate Planning
A photograph featuring people involved in Newcomb College estate planning, Broadway Campus, 1959.,
Newcomb College faculty
A photograph of a yearbook page featuring the faculty of the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College (Washington Avenue Campus).,
Newcomb College Field Day, 1923
A photograph featuring activities during the Newcomb College's Field Day in 1923, Broadway Campus.,
Newcomb College, "Flashbacks of '43," 1953
A group photograph of five women holding a sign that reads: "Flashbacks of '43," Broadway Campus.,
Newcomb College, Florence Smith, 1949
A photograph of Florence Smith in front of an archery range in 1949.,
Newcomb College fountain
A photograph of a fountain taken on the Washington Avenue Campus.,
Newcomb College, Frank Monachino
A portrait photograph of Frank Monachino, Tulane Music Department, Broadway Campus.,
Newcomb College Freshman and upperclassman, 1952
A photograph of three Newcomb freshman with upperclassman, Broadway Campus, 1952.,
Newcomb College Freshman Picnic, 1990
A photograph of several Newcomb Freshmen having a picnic, Broadway Campus, 1990.,
Newcomb College Freshman Profile, 1984
Freshman Profile during move-in day at Newcomb College, Broadway Campus, 1984.,
Newcomb College Freshmen, [1940]
Newcomb College Freshmen with big sisters, Boradway Campus, [1940].,
Newcomb College, Freshmen, Basketball Team, 1930
A group photograph of the Newcomb Freshmen Basketball Team, Broadway Campus, 1930.,
Newcomb College Gate, Broadway Street
An exterior photograph of the Newcomb College Gate on Broadway Street looking to Newcomb Hall.,
Newcomb College, Gin Taylor
A photograph of a Newcomb College art student, Gin Taylor painting at an easel, Broadway Campus.,
Newcomb College Glee Club, 1949
A photograph of the Newcomb College Glee Club, Broadway Campus.,
Newcomb College Glee Club, [1950s]
A photograph showing the Newcomb College Glee Club during rehearsal, Broadway Campus, [1950s].,
Newcomb College Glee Club, 1951
A photograph of the Newcomb College Glee Club performing, Broadway Campus, 1951.,
Newcomb College Graduates of 1933, 50 Year Club party, [1983]
A color photograph of Newcomb College Graduates of 1933 socializing at their 50 Year Club party, Broadway Campus.,
Newcomb College Graduates of 1933, 50th Year Club Party, [1983]
A photograph showing alumnae from the Newcomb Graduates of 1933, 50th Year Club Party from [1983].,
Newcomb College Graduation, 1921
A photograph of Newcomb College Graduation from 1921.,