Louisiana Purchase and Louisiana Colonial History


The Louisiana Purchase and Louisiana Colonial History digital collection includes a significant number of artifacts contributed by members of the Teaching American History in Louisiana (TAHIL) partnership. TAHIL providers include the Louisiana State Archives, Louisiana State Museum, The Historic New Orleans Collection and Tulane University Library Special Collections.

This collection contains the materials from Tulane University Library Special Collection. To view all of the material in this collaborative project, please click here: Louisiana Purchase and Louisiana Colonial History (louisiana Digital Library)
Decree issued by Pierre Clement de Laussat relative to the duties of the municipal government of New Orleans
Decree outlining the functions of the city council and a list of its priorities.
Francisco Luis Hector, Baron de Carondelet, New Orleans, to Pierre-Joseph Favrot, Plaquemines
Letter outlining the details of the Treaty of San Lorenzo, which allowed U.S. vessels free use of the Port of New Orleans and the Mississippi River.
Jean-Jacques Macarty Mactigue, Illinois, to Claude-Joseph Favrot, New Chartres
Letter commanding Favrot to use Indian scouts to help take control of the Ohio River and to fight the British.
Letter, Estevan Miro, New Orleans, La., to Pierre-Joseph Favrot, Mobile, Ala.
Letter from Miro directing Favrot to tell the Native Americans that they are Spanish subjects, not British. The letter also states that commerce should be conducted by the Spanish.
Letter, Etienne-Francois, Duc De Choiseul, [France], to Jean-Jacques-Blaise D'abbadie, [New Orleans, La.]
Letter directing D'Abbadie to end the French operations in Louisiana and to turn the territory over to Spain and Great Britain.
Letter, Pierre-Joseph Neyon Devilliers, Fort Chartres, Ill., to Jean-Jacques-Blaise D'Abbadie
Letter giving the status of the situation with the English and the Indians.
Proces-verbal of the establishment of French municipal government for New Orleans
Establishment of the municipal courts and naming of the mayor and council.
Proces-verbal of the re-installation of the municipal council of New Orleans under the authority of the government of the United States
Account of the re-installation of the mayor and city council of New Orleans. Also contains biographical information on Claiborne and Wilkinson.
Proclamation issued by Pierre Clement de Laussat to the people of Louisiana [incomplete]
Proclamation announcing that Louisiana is now a French territory, but will soon be American.