Bartlett Family Papers, 1860-1884

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The Bartlett family papers consist of correspondence between various members of the Bartlett family collected by Mary Bartlett, later named Mary Weller. Letter writers include Samuel, William, Julia, Amanda, and Lucy. This correspondence spans the American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era. Both William and Samuel served in the Union's Cumberland Army during the American Civil War and William suffered injuries causing him to be hospitalized. Their letters from this period document daily life in the Union Army and give some general information about the war, including hardships suffered by the soldiers, disease, daily activities and drills, and life in a military hospital. Throughout the war, Samuel was stationed in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas. In 1884, Samuel moved from St. Louis, Missouri, to Nashville, Tennessee. The rest of the Bartlett family lived in Ohio. In 1868 Mary Bartlett married H.L Weller. The letters dated to the Reconstruction Era give insight into daily life following the Civil War, including faith in God, work, illness, and finances.
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