America at War


The America at War digital collection includes a significant number of artifacts contributed by members of the Teaching American History in Louisiana (TAHIL) partnership. TAHIL providers include the Louisiana State Archives, Louisiana State Museum, The Historic New Orleans Collection and Tulane University Library Special Collections.

This collection contains the materials from Tulane University Library Special Collection. To view all of the material in this collaborative project, please click here: America at War (louisiana Digital Library)
Official letter from [Pierre Clément de] Laussat, Colonial Prefect of the French Government, New Orleans, to [Thomas] Villanueva, Commandant of Valenzuela at the fork of the Chitimachas
Laussat informed Villanueva that upon receipt of the letter he was to give command of his district to United States Commissioners Claiborne and Wilkinson. He was also to turn over to them the archives of the post, which was to come under United States domination.
Official report made by Pierre-Joseph Neyon de Villier, on the visit of Indian messengers to Fort Chartres
Report of Great Wolf regarding the Native Americans' hatred of the British and love of the French.
Pierre-Joseph Neyon de Villiers, Fort Chartres, to Jean-Jacques-Blaise D'Abbadie
Letter discussing a new settlement to be built, rumors regarding English troops, and relations with Native Americans.