American Missionary Association Photographs, 1887-1952


This digital collection, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, includes more than 3000 photographs of the activities of and related to the American Missionary Association from the late nineteenth century through the mid twentieth century. Photographers working with the American Missionary Association traveled through urban and rural communities within the continental United States of America, as well as to foreign lands, to visually record the environments and people who lived within them. The photographs document the experiences and lives of various ethnic groups of the world. They provide visual support to the textual documents of the American Missionary Association archives, housed at the Amistad Research Center.


17 teams at cotton gin
Wagons with loads of cotton. Written on recto margin: "17 teams at cotton ginn. Broseley Mo. Butler County." Stamped on verso: "Reed Bros. Studio, Poplar Bluff, Missouri.",
25 American families in a churchless valley
Map tacked onto an exterior wall. Title written on map.,
The 4-H Club
A large dinner outside. A man serves diners. Written on verso: "The 4-H Club, Father & Son + Mother & Daughter Spread, Kamp Knighton, Dec. 26, 1933.",
4-H club
Photograph of members of a 4-H club in Louisiana.Located in folder labeled: Series: A Subseries: DillarPhotographs: Straight University, 1894-1943,
4-H Club
A large dinner outside. A man serves diners. Written on verso: "4-H Club Fathers and Sons, Mothers and Daughters, Spread, Camp Knighton, Morbihan, LA , Dec. 26, 1933.",
4 - H Clubs in front of their totem poles
Written on recto margin: "4-H Clubs in front of their totem poles. Country Life Academy, Star, N.C. 4 days Aug. 26-30." Written on verso: "At the whistle each club lines up behind its totem to receive instruction. These boys & girls are representing of the 4-H clubs of 4 surrounding counties and study art, pageantry, health and play.",
A-raring to go
Woman poses with a cat and a car. Written on verso: "A-raring to go in front of the Parsonage. Mrs. Fairbank has hold of Jeremiah the cat.",
Abandoned silver mine
Mine and houses. Written on verso: "Abandoned Silver Mine with Mexican homes above in Tombstone, Arizona near railroad depot.",
Aberdeen, S.D. children
Children pose outside. Location written on recto margin.,
Aberdeen, Washington
An Aberdeen Tabernacle.,
Abraham Lincoln House, East Watertown
A large group on the lawn of a house. Title written on verso.,
Absarokee parish
Small group of mostly children. Written on verso: "Absarokee parish Rev. W. W. Van Tassell, Columbus Mont., pastor." Stamped on verso: "Congregational headquarters 206 N. 30th Street, Billings, Montana .",
Absarokee schools
Written on verso: "Grade School and High School at Absarokee.",
Academy, Pleasant Hill, Tennessee
Photograph of a large white building; porch entrance off the bell tower. Located in folder labeled: Series: A Subseries: Pleasant Hill Academy Photographs: 1908, 1944, 1946.,
Accession of Easter, 1921
Congregation poses outside. Written on verso: "Accession of Easter, 1921 at Edgemont, S. D., 43 persons.",
The actual way they came (horse-drawn wagon)
A large group poses on the frontier. Written on verso: "Foster, 16 miles from Hardin. The actual way they came (Horse drawn wagon).",
Ada schoolhouse and congregation
People outside a small schoolhouse and a car. Written on verso: "Ada Schoolhouse and congregation, May 23, 1923, 65 miles from railroad, H. C. Juel.",
Administration building
Large building. Title written on verso.,
Administration Building
The Administration building at Ellis Island. Title written on verso.,
Administration Building, Thorsby Institute
A majestic building. Title written on verso.,