American Missionary Association Photographs, 1887-1952


American Missionary Association Photographs, 1887-1952, is a digital collection created by the Amistad Research Center. It is presented in the Tulane University Digital Library through a partnership between the Amistad Research Center and Tulane University. Inquiries regarding content in this digital collection should be addressed to or (504) 862-3222.

This digital collection, funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, includes more than 3000 photographs of the activities of and related to the American Missionary Association from the late nineteenth century through the mid twentieth century. Photographers working with the American Missionary Association traveled through urban and rural communities within the continental United States of America, as well as to foreign lands, to visually record the environments and people who lived within them. The photographs document the experiences and lives of various ethnic groups of the world. They provide visual support to the textual documents of the American Missionary Association archives, housed at the Amistad Research Center.
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