Student Ledgers, Graduates, and Alumni Lists


Genealogists and researchers will be fascinated to scroll through the handwritten pages of these student registers for the Medical, Law, Collegiate, and University/Graduate Departments, Tulane High School, and Tulane College. Each volume reveals the list of student matriculates for each year as they registered; various types of information are recorded on each page. In most cases, the registering student signed the page in his own handwriting (the exception are the ledgers of alphabetically-arranged names; these were compiled at a later date by a registrar or clerical staff). These ledgers include the names of all male students who registered for coursework at the university (and at Tulane High School) from 1840-1900 or later, whether they graduated or not.

For researchers who do not wish to traipse through time, or for those who have trouble deciphering nineteenth-century epigraphy, we have also digitized published lists of early graduates of many of the schools/colleges of the university. These lists were published as part of the university’s catalog/bulletin publication series, and they generally contain the names of all graduates for each school or college from the date of first degree awarded up to the date of publication (circa the early 1920s). These published lists exist for graduates of the schools of medicine, engineering, law, arts and sciences, and recipients of advanced degrees (Masters and Ph.D.s). Finally, The Ledger of Medical Graduates and Professors of the Medical College of Louisiana/University of Louisiana/Tulane University of Louisiana, 1834-1901 also includes a list of the early professors of the medical college/school, their titles and tenures, and the courses that they taught.
Catalogue of the Alumni from 1834 to 1901, inclusive, of the Medical Department of the Tulane University of Louisiana
Published list of graduates of the Medical College of Louisiana and the Medical Department of the University of Louisiana/Tulane University of Louisiana from 1834 to 1901. This catalogue contains a historical summary of the medical school (pages 2-11), followed by an alphabetical list of of the 3515 medical graduates (pages 12-24) and pharmacy graduates (pages 24-25) who received degrees from 1834-1901. Additionally, a list of lecturers, instructors and demonstrators, including their length of service (pages 26-27) and professors and deans, identified by subject and years of service, is given (pages 28-30). The final page also includes a tabulation of the total number of matriculates and graduates per year and per degree for the same date span.,
Ledger of Medical Graduates and Professors of the Medical College of Louisiana/University of Louisiana/Tulane University, 1834-1901
Scan of the original manuscript ledger of medical students who graduated from the Medical College of Louisiana, the University of Louisiana, and Tulane University between 1836 and 1901. It includes students' personal information along with clippings referring to honors conferred and/or death notices. It is divided into three sections: an alphabetical list of graduates in the front (p. 2-108) is followed by a yearly list of graduates (p. 111-461), who were recipients of either the M.D. or M.Ph. degree. Each entry in the yearly list is carried across two pages of this PDF, and may contain information such as state and date of birth, residence, date, place, and cause of death, honors, publications, military service, or other pieces of information. Finally, at the end of the ledger (p. 456-488) is a section containing information about each medical professor and instructor of the university during this same time period.,
Published list of Graduates of the College of Engineering, 1889-1921
Published list of graduates of the College of Engineering, Tulane University of Louisiana, from 1889 to 1921. All graduates are presented alphabetically in the first section, with the year of their degree included (pages 2-7); there are 471 graduates listed. The following section lists the annual graduating class presented in alphabetical order, each entry giving the graduate's full name, degree earned, and address (as of 1921), title or position, place of employment, and memberships in societies, or date of death (pages 8-35).,
Published list of Holders of Advanced Degrees From the Graduate Department, 1885-1924
Published list of advanced degree recipients of the Graduate Department of Tulane University of Louisiana from 1885 to 1924. Students are presented alphabetically in the first section, with the year of their degree (pages 3-6), then the graduates are listed annually by degrees: Master of Arts; Master of Science; Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, and Civil Engineer; Doctor of Philosophy (pages 7-16). The total number of recipients for this time period (less four double-recipients) is given as 226,
Register of Matriculants in the High School of University of Louisiana/Tulane University, 1880-1895
Handwritten, bound ledger listing students enrolled in high school coursework during the sessions 1880-1881 through 1884-1895. Ledger includes pages with columns for name, address, date of birth, place of birth, date of entering, subjects of studies, parent or guardian, and remarks. Names are not consistently arranged alphabetically until the 1885-1886 session. The remarks column generally contains notations such as "Scholarship" or "Left at end of 1st Quarter.",
Register of Matriculants in Tulane Colleges of Tulane University, 1900-1907
Handwritten, bound ledger listing students enrolled in collegiate coursework during the sessions 1890-1891 through 1906-1907. Ledger includes pages with columns for name, date entering, class, course, where prepared, date of birth, parent or guardian, address, and remarks. The remarks mostly note a date of graduation or withdrawal. Across the top of the ledger page, the heading leaves blank the annual session number and the date on which the session closed to be filled in (e.g., "For 22nd Session closed June 21st, 1900".,